Dribblecast 153 – Funeral on the Ocean Floor

Title: Funeral on the Ocean Floor
Author: Jason K. Jones
Read By: Rachael Jones


Dribblecast 152 – Motherhood is About Sacrifice

Author: zcarter80
Story: Motherhood is About Sacrifice
Ready By: Julie Holverson


Dribblecast 151 – Beckoned by my Beverage

Author: zcarter80
Story: Beckoned by my Beverage
Ready By: Julie Holverson


Dribblecast 150 – It’s all in the Name

Author: Zcarter80
Story: It’s all in the Name
Ready By: Julie Holverson


Dribblecast 149 – Enginesong

Author: Nathaniel Lee (Scattercat)
Story: Enginesong
Ready By: Chris Schryer


Dribblecast 148 – The Raven

Author: Edgar Allen Poe
Story: The Raven
Read by: Steven D. Lidster


Dribblecast 147 – Benjy

Author: James Rogers
Story: Benjy
Read By: James Rogers

Jimmy can be found over at scienceismagic.com, where he produces a monthly podcast that reviews all things short, speculative, and audio.  It’s called Synthetic Voices and it is listed on iTunes.


Dribblecast 146 – Aversion Therapy

Author- Nathaniel Lee (Scattercat)
Story: Aversion Therapy
Read by- Rish Outfield



Dribblecast 145 – Snakehead

Author- Sam Schreiber
Story: Title- Snakehead
Read by-
Rish Outfield (of the Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine) as the unnamed main character
Lauren “Scribe” Harris (of the Pendragon Variety Podcast) as Alex
Jonathan McNeill (of Troll Jammies) as Darius
Tom Baker (of the Drabblecast) as Bill
Music- Liberator by Man In Space.

This story is a long time in production. Originally intended as a Dribblecast episode, Marshal Latham went on to bigger things and created the Journey Into… podcast. Recently finished, this episode was published at Journey Into…, and Marshal Latham kindly let us publish it here, also.

Dribblecast 144 – I am We

Author- Clay Dugger (cdugger)
Story: Title- I Am We
Read by- Donovan Cacace (admiralsunshine)
Music- Night’s Sorrow by Becoming the Archetype



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