Dribblecast 166 – In Space Only You Can Hear You Scream

Title: In Space Only You Can Hear You Scream

Author: unseentangerine
Read/Produced by: Tibbi

Story Type: Drabble (100 words exactly)
Written for the Dribblecast

Public Domain Music: Out Of Spacesuit
Found at https://archive.org/details/sirius-radiance-keys-to-infinity

Tether snapped, she tumbled endlessly as the universe spiraled relentlessly relative to her.
Her EVA suit, her little world, would last a torturous number of hours.
Every six seconds her craft would revolve to be in her visor—just long enough to make her heart drop out within her.
Such a fate could only be maddening.
She in a moment thought of the absurdity and laughed.
She then heard her heartbeat pierce through the silence and choked on her tears.
Her mind was too small to swallow the universe.
When mankind found her drifting—she was older than the earth.